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Saturday, 26 November 2016


If your news paper is like mine you probably read of some model called Chrissy Teigen
who went to the Music Awards and had a slight costume malfunction which revealed she seemed to have forgotten the undies.
My paper like many others reported this alongside a picture that revealed nothing.So I have rectified this for those who missed it.


  1. She's world famous FHM model turn wrestler / now married and bearing a new son / daughter. She's known for her modeling and reality tv show of where she was a social butterfly going to all the hot / happening clubs throughout across the pond. She's know working with the famous Lip Sync battle that's an American TV show though you can find the clips on youtube.

    1. " She's world famous FHM model turn wrestler ... "

      Hmmmmmmm ...

      Did a quick search for her wresting debut or other wrestling promotions she might have participated in ... Couldn't find any ... Nothin' ... Zilch ...

      So if she is (was) involved in any pro or amateur wrestling league as a participant, it must have been very brief (if at all) ...

  2. KK, at least you're a hell of an observor !!! ...

    Cheers !!! ...