The Prehistoric Women (1950) - Cavewoman Catfight

In the interest of history I wonder what became of these prehistoric women of over half a century ago?


  1. 1950 you say ??? ... In the interest of brevity I can only surmise at least some of them are still with us (very probable) ... As for their whereabouts, that requires a bit of Sherlock Holmes-style effort ...

    At any rate, those Hollywood movie posters are always a treasure (imho).

  2. The 1950s you can see the Amazon theme as the hellenitic period started the 60s into the gangs posters or bad girl of the 60s. 1970s we had the liberal rights and discovery via films. 1980s the right of a woman to do what she wants and videos that documented it. 1990 the women's clubs or alphabet soup clubs of the 50s to 80s come out with video medium. 2000 the internet and boards pulled the curtain / carpet out of the mat scene and fan boards abound... 2010 digital media accessible to all and so are standards bring back the doors. The scene evolves around the medium and means... as BK's shown Picasso shown mat scene in art, Berlin artist captured semi pro cellar league, 1900s photographs, films, video, to 2000 dvd and blu ray to now even message boards reveal what was behind the door. The women today have go from no its not available or you cant to now you can participate and go to school or make a short career of the grappling scene via pro or local rings or just amongst themselves. We'll see how the scene goes in its digital footprint forward.


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