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Thursday, 24 November 2016


I have mentioned before that Models Wrestling in France have switched their activity on to Twitter which at times makes them a little difficult to follow.
Anyway to the best of my knowledge this looks like their latest update with some more lovely girls.


  1. Yes ... This was posted about before but whether on a site or by IM'ing their products they're all Superb ...

  2. Again, Much Thanks & Appreciation for the 8-1-1 ...

  3. The early competitors on the site outstanding update like a dulong era or club scene of TAC, Barborry Cats Zory era, Rhode Island / Massachusets / alphabet club eras. Though one wonders if there is a women's Scorpion club ongoing with a few starlets at Models and Dolls / UK having that tattoo. We'll leave the Star Wars puns out for now. An item to note though that wrestling / martial arts / savate and such are norms in their school years so the women have some talent to go along with their model looks. Cinzia 44 and Rebecca 26 give that added spice of age differentials. Hana I believe had her mother in the first go around participate at 53 showing age is not a factor to compete on the mats. Next showing would be the femwrestle events in Germany for Nadia's comments. EU scene is expanding while recently a few across the pond have retracted or under new umbrellas. Keep up the great work on the boxing scene as it took a long time before Jane Couch and others to gain their foothold and to lose it would be a step backward in the same breathe of Wonder Woman losing her UN ambassadorship. Cheers. Prost...Feliz Navidad and Gute Nacht... ;)