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Saturday, 26 November 2016


If you trawl the forums the views on our interest can be any one of the above and these are the thoughts of mainly male fans.
But what of the girls??It's well known that my ex was or is bi and as wrestled so I had her share the thoughts of her friends and got some interesting answers,one friend who had taken part in bouts against men believed that the labels given were often in the minds of men taking part as a cover for the embarrassment they often felt when unable to control one of those accidents that often happened,while she felt a feeling of power over men.Pic taken by her man
after one such happening.She was interested to know how it was that her arse always kopped for it?
The lead pic was given to my ex by a friend who she always enjoyed wrestling,I had heard the story before of how in one bout they were getting a good crowd reaction when her friend had to leave the mat to replace a contact lense,which when the truth was known she didn't wear.She admitted after to becoming sexually aroused and felt in danger of an orgasm,this despite having never had feelings for another girl.
But back to the love bite/hickie in the pic,this came about after a similar bout with another girl when she had taken along her man who was prone to getting a little excited while watching her wrestle,like many others he had a lesbian fantasy that included her opponent.She had mentioned this to her opponent and at the end of this particular bout agreed that one highly aroused man would be in the dressing room expecting some relief.Now after what had been a fairly exhausting bout the girl wasn't really in the mood for a long session of bugling(B.J.)so it was agreed that her opponent should come in and fondle her breasts and bite her neck while she was doing the deed.This had the desired effect and the pic was taken as evidence.

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  1. " ... so it was agreed that her opponent should come in and fondle her breasts and bite her neck ... and the pic was taken as evidence."

    ... then I'd just say that she and her opponent are good examples of what morons do for the sake of pleasing those who can't control their imbecilic cravings.

    If the males get so intensively aroused that they can't control their p-ass-ionate urges, then maybe they're better off being with a full-time babysitter who can take along a first-aid kit and a stack of diapers for when they need personal attention and a diaper change.