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Friday, 25 November 2016

O.M.G.the 70's

Were the 70's the time when the world caught on to the attraction of women wrestling even in mud?
It's also hard to believe that Prude Tube failed to notice a lovely young lady being interviewed with everything on show including her very fashionable 70's pubic mound.

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  1. " Were the 70's the time ... "

    I think you're probably right if you try and think when this really started to generate a lot of interest and growth ... I think it was soon after the so-called disco "craze" started to fade here in 'Murkinland (maybe it should have been called a "fad") that indoor fem mud wrestling started to gain popular attention after that ... It may have already had more fan support in Europe before it hit its stride over here in 'Murkinland ... The Europeans are often ahead of us in female activities like this in that respect ...

    One basic problem in the beginning (as shown in this video) was that the mud wrestling area was far too small ... The participants really had no room to maneuver and therefor couldn't really do much except grab each other ... (Fortunately, in time that changed !!! ...)

    So I think back in the 1970s (even though it was present here before then on a smaller scale), I think it finally took off across 'Murkinland (and world-wide thereafter) ...

    Very Glad it did ...