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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Fight 2: Gina Coombes vs Allix Sadler - Auckland Fighting Irish - ABA St...

Strange goings on from the land of the Kiwi,why is one girl wearing a crash hat and the other not?
Silly observation from this kind of bout,don't you think the girl with the crash hat as a tendency to use her head as a weapon?

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  1. " ... why is one girl wearing a crash hat and the other not ? "

    Probably because the one wearing the crash hat (I'd just call it a head protector pad ... crash hats bring to mind what race car drivers wear ...) is the smart one and the other one considers it unnecessary (and I suppose if you're good at evading or ducking head punches, it is).

    No ... I don't think a padded (crash-hatted) head incentivizes one to weaponize one's head ... The neck and the skull aren't made for head pounding and any neck thrust force would mostly be mitigated by the head pad (crash hat) if you're trying to head butt your opponent ...

    Not a very good use of technique (imho) ...