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Sunday, 20 November 2016


This could prove to be one hell of a Christmas for avid fans.Another date for your diary is the 3rd of December at 1pm when
Pippa's Wrestling Factory in Manchester stage"Festive Frolics",can't tell you the price but includes food,drink,music and games,not to mention a many of the Factory's best girls.


  1. Much Thanks & Appreciation for the 8-1-1 ... I have bought several products from Pippa's enterprise from past events and was Very Satisfied with them ... I give High Recommendation all around ...

    I hope this again proves what a Superb program is coming up ...

    (For Pippa L'vinn, click here ...

    For Wrestling Factory, click here.)

  2. The center of the pro scene both men and women run through the Manchester area. Don't be surprised if you see a few former pros in attendence and laffs on past antics then and now. Congrats Pippa on continuing the tradition and building the stars for the PGWA and other shows. Faces come and go like movie stars though the few that last turn into legends / matriarchs for others to carry the torch.